Horizonte Zingst

In May i’ve been first time in Zingst at the Photofestival Horizonte Zingst »horizons zingst«. I was able to see there many great exhibitions. Most of all i liked the series »Manholes of the World« – Images from a global collection – by Walter Schels which he has created over many years. I also met him there, which was great.

Also pretty interesting was the series „A Kind of You“ by Perttu Saksa which is a documentary work of an uncanny asian tradition, where monkeys are trained and dressed to act humanlike in order to ask money from the bypassers.
Luckily I had the time to photograph there a little. Currently I have a Tamron 10-24mm lens to test wich is pretty nice, because i wanted to try out a wide angle lens for such a long time. Here you can see few pictures i made at the beach:

And here are my Instagram-Pictures of the week:

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