Poland ’14

6:53 AM. Staying at the station waiting for the train. In a shirt, it’s still a bit cold.

It’s quiet. 80% of the people are sleeping. Some of them playin around with their phones. The conductor is running through the halls and checking tickets. His footsteps can’t barely be heard on the carpet. They drown from the moving sound of the train.

I put on some music, on the way out of city. The first sunrays of the day are comfortable warm on my face. They reach me between houses and big tree crowns. A beautiful feeling. I enjoy it. I’m on the way to my home country, Poland. The sun shines through the windows of the other side of the train. Shadows from other passengers faces appear sporadically on the printed pages of the book that im reading.

I can’t wait to arrive. But I enjoy the journey. I’m looking forward to the photos that I’m going to take…

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