The girl from the bakery

Sometimes it’s a funny thing, taking photos on the street. Some time ago, I took a picture of a woman. She works at my favorite bakery here in Cologne. There is usually so much going on, that there is a queue up to the street. Well, as where it’s good, it’s quite busy there. In any case, I have been in this queue to get my favourite bread. Meanwhile, I made a picture with the phone from the woman at the bakery, as she took a bread from the store window to pack it for a customer.

Some weeks later i was at the barber for a new haircut. He told me that he has seen this image on facebook and the thought it is great and that he even know this woman. He had told her that there is a picture on Instagram of her that I have photographed. He had also shown it to her and she loved it.

I’ve made two pictures already at that bakery. Which of the two women is it? This question is still open… 😉

Little things like these are one of those things why i love photography. Even if it is only a small picture on Instagram. The best camera is always the one that is with you, even if it is only the one on your phone.

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